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AirAsia Free Seats Promotion (April 2013)

AirAsia Free Seats Promotion (April 2013)


AirAsia Free Seats Promotion (April 2013)

Hooray! Another round of AirAsia Free Seats promotion will be happening in April 2013! Anyone who is traveling to Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Cambodia and other destinations, be sure to mark your calendar so you won’t miss this great Zero Fares promotion from AirAsia.

Good news for those who are AirAsia’s BIG Loyalty Programme members for you can have the 24-hour priority redemption period on 1st April from fares as low as 0 BIG Points! Make sure you have signed up for AirAsia BIG Shot – anyone can apply as long you are aged two and above, anywhere in the world. Pay for a minimal fee of MYR10 for the membership card, or you can opt out the fee if you choose to go without the physical BIG Card. If you are interested to learn more about the BIG Loyalty Programme and how to apply, visit their page here.

Booking period: 1 April 2013 ( AirAsia BIG Shots priority redemption)
                                       2 – 7 April 2013 (opens up to the public)

Find out some of the AirAsia Free Seats fares & destinations fly from KL (updated 2/4/2013)

  • Fly from RM26 all-in-fare: Johor Bahru, Kota Bahru, Alor Setar, Penang, Kuala Terengganu
  • Fly from RM49 all-in-fare: Sibu, Kuching, Sandakan, Bintulu, Langkawi, Miri
  • Fly from RM52 all-in-fare: Banda Aceh, Medan, Padang, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Phnom Penh, Singapore, Hat Yai, Krabi
  • Fly from RM62 all-in-fare: Yangon, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Bandung
  • Fly from RM79 all-in-fare: Ho Chi Minh City, Vientiane
  • Fly from RM99 all-in-fare: Brunei, Guangzhou, Guilin, Hong Kong, Balikpapan, Lombok, Makassar, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya, Macau, Bangkok, Chiang Mai

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